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Hiya! I am Jennifer. I am a serious hobbyist photographer. It is really my love and has granted me such peace with myself. It is truly something that I love to do. I love to capture my children’s smiles and their personality with my camera and have these wonderful memories for them and me to look back on.

I am a mommy of four beautiful girls. Molly 11, Gracie 9, Hunter 7, and Juliette(JuJu) 3. They are wonderful, spunky, and full of drama. I am also married to the best guy. He is a pilot in the Navy. I am very proud of the way he is serving our country. We currently live in Washington but are planning our next move to the big metropolis of Oklahoma City. This is an exciting move for us since we have been stationed there before and have many wonderful and loving friends there…our military family.

I love chocolate, sprite, and ice cream…can you tell…lol. I don’t read much, but do take photography workshops. I love them and love to learn from others. I also love how it keeps me shooting. I am a completely obsessive person, photography has allowed me to channel it into one thing…a passion that I have had since I was a kid. I hate to fly, yes I know my husband is a pilot, but I love to travel. Disney is one of my favorite places and some of my friends consider me an expert of sorts. I am a very organized person. Things I don’t leave the house without, my waterbottle, camera, and baby wipes. 🙂

I am also in the process of changing over my blog to a more of a family/photography blog. While I love to take pictures and thought a business would be the best way to do this, I have discovered that I am most happy when I am shooting for myself and family. This does not mean that I will not take your picture, I gladly will. I love to see the joy that it brings my friends. But it will not be my business. I love the creativity and calmness that comes with photography for me and taking business pictures doesn’t allow me the time to do this for myself.

So I hope you will stop by from time to time and get to know us and watch my photographic journey.

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