8 X 30 Project Day 107- Swish N Flicker

Today was the BIG day! We went to the Pacific Science Museum for the Harry Potter Exhibit. All I can say is FANTASTIC!!!! If you are in this area and are the slightest bit of a Harry Potter fan, this is a must see and worth every penny! Here is the sucky part, no cameras or pictures aloud. BOO!!!

So when you buy your ticket you select the time that you are interested in actually entering a que line. We chose 10am, the first showing, and it sold out. Once in the line you are let in by party. I am thinking it was about 25-30 people let in at a time. We had 18 in our group so, it was mainly just us. As you are let into the building, you are greeted by a Head Mistress of Hogwarts. This is where the hat sorting ceremony takes place. For those of you not familiar, this is a magical hat that puts you into your “house” at Hogwarts. They pick volunteers by who is the quickest raising their hands. First was a little boy, dressed of course as Harry. Gryfindor!!!! Says the hat and the crowd cheers and claps. Then there is a time for another. MOLLY is called. I am SO totally wishing for a picture at this time. You know this is like a huge dream of Molly’s. She sits on the stool and tells the Head Mistress her name. The hat speaks, says a few of his mumblings like in the movie and then shouts out, “RAVENCLAW!”. Molly smiles HUGE and the crowd cheers and claps. Time for another, another little boy in our group goes up, Jakob and his favorite is Gryfindor, the hat speaks again, Gryfindor! We are all so excited now and so happy that the kids are already enjoying themselves. Then surprisingly, she says we have time for one more and without asking the kids to raise their hands she picks Gracie. Now I know this just made Gracie feel so special. The hat rambled on trying to find a house for her and exclaims, GRYFINDOR!!!! We all cheer and clap for her. What a super way to open this super great exhibit and what a special memory I now share with my girls.

As they guide us to the next area, we are put in a room with 7 frames and posters on the wall. The lights go out and then pieces of the movies begin. Starting from the beginning and showing us the parts of the movies that relate to what we will see later in the exhibit. After the movie is over the doors open and we are sent into a wonderous land of Harry Potter. We see the fat opera lady that guards the house of Gryfinor. We were able to see, Molly’s totally favorite, Luna Lovegood’s comic book. She carries this on the train when Harry gets the little bug things in his head. There was coins, wands, costumes, a room set up just like Harry and Ron’s room. Everything straight from the movie. Beautiful costumes of all the characters. We were able to pull a mandrake still screaming from the ground, score three points with a quafffle ball, and even sit in Hagrid’s chair.

Then came the scary stuff like the Angle of Death, the dementors, and the giant spider! I almost for got about Harry’s broom, marauder’s map, and Dobby the house Elf. If you can’t tell we just had a really great time. I can’t even remember everything, but it is just fantastic. To be completely honest, I am already trying to figure out another time we can head out there again. I just loved it and I love that the girls had such a “magical” time too.

WARNING-if you go, the gift shop is outrageous! Make sure to take a second mortgage out before you go. 🙂

Meeting some of our friends in parking

Space Needle

All the girls getting together after the exhibit.

Luna Lovegood

Sweet Gracie

JuJu, Lauren, and Hunter

After we got home we had a little rest time, dinner and then it was time for trick or treating.

Sleeping Beauty(if only this were true)

JuJu sang the Yo Gabba Gabba Halloween Song most of the night. She was so cute.

Princess Jasmine-stupid kids at school teased her about being a princess all week.

Hermione Granger

Digging the flip flops.

I love this pic of Hunter.

She really does look like Hermione.

Luna Lovegood- Molly was so excited that I was able to find her glasses, radish earrings, butter beer necklace, and beetle ring. (I was happy too.)

Look who popped back in for a pic.

Aren’t they cute!

42/365 Days of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for my children showing me that I am raising them right or maybe good self esteem, not sure what to call it. Tonight while doing a short pit stop at our house, Molly’s friends stopped by.  Now Molly was invited to go with this group of girls, but I asked her to stay back and help me with the other girls. Molly also has wanted to be Luna Lovegood for Halloween for most of the year. When Molly walked out of the house to greet her friends, one of them says(this little girl has not be pleasant to Molly in the past too),”What are you?!” Molly in a nonchalant voice says, “I’m Luna, DUH!” After the girls left, I was furious by this treatment that Molly got (Mama Bear) from this little girl and having dealt with her in the past; I asked her if it hurt her feelings. She said no, she doesn’t let stuff like that get to her and she went on with her evening. I am proud of her.

I wrote this 365, and reedited to make it more specific to Molly and not my feelings(I think my exhaustion and emotions got the best of me and didn’t make it clear),  to give Molly props for handling a situation that could have hurt her feelings very badly. Molly has had an extremely hard time finding a Halloween outfit this year and was extremely sensitive about not being able to be a “big” girl and go out with her friends. She also had several conversations with my sister about how to handle a situation like this if it came up; she was already worried about something that hadn’t even happened or about her costume not being completely accurate. (This makes for extremely sensitive Mama Bear) I am proud of her and how she did. Now, if Mama bear can just back up and give her some room to grow.

Travis Likes - October 31, 2010 - 11:34 pm

Wow! Looks like a great day. I am proud of Molly too. She is becoming such a little adult. Hunter really does look like Hermione, it is kind of scary. She is quite the smarty pants too, so it fits her well. Gracie looks beautiful, and Juju too. I am sure you are absolutely exhausted, but I bet they all had a blast today.

Mindy - November 1, 2010 - 1:16 am

There is so much to love in this post!! I never stopped grinning. Happy Halloween ladies!

Mande - November 1, 2010 - 3:42 am

This made me smile and it brought tears to my eyes. I so wish I would have been there to have seen them. They look SO good. I cant wait to do the Harry Potter thing with the girls,hopefully…fingers crossed everyone. Tell Molly hi five and that I am so happy with the DUH part. Good Job Mom

JEn - November 1, 2010 - 3:21 pm

So enjoy reading your blogs! They make me smile!! 🙂 And you are not alone at being a Momma bear, super worried about Allison starting Middle school! But we found an awesome Privite school that deals with her Memory issues, and if they have behavior issues they are not allowed to enroll, or stay in the school! Glad everyone had a fun Halloween!

Danielle - November 2, 2010 - 10:29 pm

They were all so cute!!! Gracie shouldn’t be ashamed of her costume. I was going to be a princess but they didn’t have the right sizes… Happy (late) Halloween!

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