8 X 30 Project Day 106- Pumpkin Carving Day

Today, we decided to not do horse riding lessons and just keep our therapy appointment for the girls. I felt it was best to have us all rest up for our busy day tomorrow. Gracie woke up with a fever and a sore throat, so all of us but Molly is now on antibiotics. YUCK! This the good thing about strep throat, easy fix, and for the most part you are starting to feel much better within 24 hours. I feel a lot better than I have all week, but I did take that nap in the car during the girls therapy. 🙂

This morning I finally let the girls carve their pumpkins. I have to tell you, and Travis already knows this, but I dread pumpkin carving. I am not sure if it is my lack of patience or the fact that it makes such a HUGE mess. I don’t do messes very well…I told you I was OCD.  But the girls just love it so I like to do it with them too. We made some pretty funny faces this year. At first we were trying to make fancy ones, but like I said the patience thing wore off, and I just let the girls at it! I know young girls with knives what was I thinking, but hey they really did a great job. I am super proud of them.

Let the fun begin.

They were all pretty happy to get their hands into the pumpkins. Well except Juju who was like, there is no way in hell you are making me do that!

She is looking pretty serious.

Hunter just cracks me up.

Molly is very insistent on getting it perfect.

Gracie is done and proud of her pumpkin!

Hunter is finished!

Molly still hard at work.

Finally finished with her puke pumpkin.

Our little pumpkin family. Hopefully no one will smash them!!!

41/365 Days of Gratitude

So I don’t have a picture because this just happen, yes late at night, but I don’t mind, I just got BOOed. I love it. What a special treat. YUMMY goodies left at my door and we all felt very special too! If you are unfamiliar with Booing, you knock on someones door and then leave a treat( you run away). Then it is your job to do this to two other of your neighbors the next night. It is really a lot of fun. Thanks to whoever did it! 🙂

Travis Likes - October 30, 2010 - 11:28 pm

Maybe it was our next door neighbors 🙂 I am glad you guys are feeling better. I love the puke pumpkin. Sorry I missed Halloween, hopefully next year I will be there!

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