8 X 30 Project Day 76-Sniff Sniff

Sniff Sniff is currently what I am doing. I have the girls back to school crud! I am so glad they wanted to share, for once, and it was with me. 🙂

So I did decide to go ahead with the web pics for my assignments. I wanted to do Molly’s soccer pics for my assignment. But my head, eyes, and ears are killing me. I now know why babies cry with ear infections, my ear is full of fluid, and it is really painful. I went to the Dr, incase you are wondering. LOL So this morning and afternoon I went back out and tried to get a few more. Mister Spider was occupying his web this time though.

For our assignment we had three different situations to choose from. I choose to do these.

1. Subject filling 1/4 of the frame. This was hard for me to think about or even do. All that empty space just looked so weird to me and I had no idea where to put the spider! I was really lost. It is also really hard to shoot this close up with a wide angle lens, so I had to manually focus on it.

One critique that I have gotten so far is, that they were wishing the spider was up top in the corner more of the image. Like to be barley crawling on the image. I tried that but I think it must be me and something I need to get used to. It just seemed like a ton of empty space of bokeh. (All that blurry stuff behind the spider.)

2. Fill the Frame- I used this from yesterdays post. It is my favorite. What I didn’t like about it is, I wish I would have closed up my Ap. This way all of my web would have been in focus. The more open the ap the lower your focus field and more closed up the larger the focus field.

One critique on this one was that they wished I would have cropped in closer and taken out the brown leaf. I did try this thinking I should remove all distracting items in the pic, but it seemed to me anyways, that it lost direction then. But it is just my opinion too.

3. A small portion of your subject: I am not sure if I really like this pic to be honest. I really need a Macro lens to get the effect that I was going for in this pic. I also feel like he is just sitting there doing nothing, maybe I didn’t give enough information for the viewer to understand the image too.

No critique from others on this image yet.

I am still waiting to hear from one or all three of the mentors. I am nervous. I can see a lot where I could have improved. I also feel like I gave up a little to soon, like I should have waited another day and tried something else. But dude my ears hurt!! 😀 I am not kidding. I am pretty sure my tympanic membrane is trying to give birth.

I will have to let you know tomorrow and this weekend what sort of critiques that I get. In the mean time I am going to continue to shoot and work on what I struggled with.

13/365 Days of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for JuJu. She just lights up my world. I think that is how it is suppose to be with the baby, especially since there is such an age difference with her and the other girls. She makes me laugh every morning with her crazy hair and tonight with her cute little words. She said, “Mama. Can you cober me up?” and then looked at me and said, “I wub you.”. She sealed it with a kiss. I just love her.

Travis Likes - October 1, 2010 - 9:20 pm

I love the photos. You are very creative and those are outstanding. Keep it up and let me know what kind of critiques you get. Juju is the cutest!

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