8 X 30 Project Day 72- Super Sundays

As always, I try to keep Sundays pretty low key. If it were up to me we would never leave the house and stay in our PJs. Maybe even lock ourselves in the house and watch movies all day. But it is soccer season and we must be with the living too. 🙂

Molly’s soccer team is slowly getting together and learning how to play as a team. There are still a lot of things they could work on but they are doing really well. They scored two goals today too! I think some of the girls are getting the hint and getting pretty aggressive out there. I even saw Molly pushing and shoving. Although the team they played against today wasn’t very aggressive like the first team we played, that was just crazy.

Molly since she sprained her thumb played defense today. She seems to do pretty well at it. I wish she would kick the ball as hard as she could though!! So we are working on her foot skills and I am sure after many years of ballet it will come naturally to her too.

I didn’t take to many pics today. I was really enjoying the girls play and with both normal goalies out there were two replacements and yes, I know I am Molly’s mom and should route for her, but those girls really ROCKED at goalie!

Okay so the ref for this game was such a dork! I normally won’t say anything about a ref but this guy was just out of control. First he knew all the girls names on the other team. Then he never called off-sides on the other team. Finally one goal that the girls scored was not counted!! Then he gave one of our girls a warning for being to aggressive after knocking a player down. The funny thing was the other girl got up and smiled at us when it happened. I guess that is part of soccer though, everyone has to be a bit of a drama queen. Molly should fit right in…

Overall a really great day. Today was the first day in a long time that Gracie hasn’t taken Advil. I am crossing my fingers for the vitamins to work. She is learning what triggers them and how to stop it in its tracks too. It will take time but I really feel like we are getting more control over it.

10/365 Days of Gratitude

So today I am grateful for this family. They are a super terrific family. You might remember them from a photo session a few months ago. What a funny group of people. But if it hadn’t of been for them, I would have had to take the girls with me to the ER this past week. This is not the first time they have help me out too. They are always there when I call, even when my garbage disposal is backed up, Dominic to the rescue! Thanks so much guys for your support and help.

I am grateful today for the families that have helped me while Travis is gone(you know who you are :)). The support of your love is wonderful and something to be truly grateful for.

Travis Likes - September 27, 2010 - 4:18 am

Sorry I missed that game. Go Molly! She looks great. Of all the days, I definitely miss Sundays the most. I love you guys.

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