8 X 30 Project Day 60- Silly Girl

Today is one of my favorite days. Every other Tuesday I have someone, Amanda, come in and help me with the house. I decided last year while Travis did his shooter training on the USS Ronald Regan that this was something that I need to do. I have never done it before, but with a house this size and four kids by myself, it is something that must be done. I have to admit, I love the extra time I have with the girls now too. My favorite part, is coming home to a clean home and the lovely smell too!

Today while Amanda was here JuJu and I hung out a little in the front playroom. She is the silliest thing and is really into her Mr. Potato Head now. We have lots of pieces and parts from our many trips to Disney. They sell parts for all the Disney characters. You can fill a box for twenty bucks. I am so funny, because of course I am going to try to make every piece fit! So back to JuJu, she is in love with her potato head and puzzles. I am always surprised when she can come out with a Cinderella potato or Mickey potato. Took her a while to figure out where the pieces go but she finally has it down and even tries to stick it in her nose and mouth too!

JuJu is taking a picture of me with her movie camera.

This is JuJus mean face. I am not sure why she is making it. She was trying to make the Potato head arm fit into hers.

Then she made us a snack in her kitchen and we drank tea and had sandwiches. I think she was proud of herself!

Overall good day, busy but good. JuJu had a great time at preschool. Gracie made it another day at school and without calling me from the nurse’s room. Hunter started Gymnastics again.

Tomorrow another busy schedule. Molly has soccer practice and sometime this week poor Gracie gets poked again for her bee sting. I hope they do a good job, that poor kid has had enough!

I know I am doing this daily thing for Travis to keep him up with our daily lives, especially since the girls will change so much over the next six months, but if you guys have any suggestions on different daily blogs please let me know. Shoot me an email or leave a comment! Thanks!!!

** Travis- Today Molly got pissed at Gracie, of course, she of course got mad and hit her. I told her she needed to save it for the soccer field. LOL I wish they would all just get a long sometimes, but I guess I would want to punch someone too for screaming in my ear. The girls are missing you a lot. They had a great time tonight putting together your care package. I hope you get it soon. They are excited to see if you like it or not. Love you very much, you B.**

Jenn - September 15, 2010 - 5:52 am

I think what you’re capturing – both in your stories and your photos – is perfect. Don’t change a thing! I love reading your blog and hearing about how much fun you have together 🙂

JuJu cracks me up too! She is so cute!

thelikes - September 15, 2010 - 3:30 pm

JuJu is really so funny. I think I really get a chance to enjoy her since the other girls are at school now. She is like an only child and spoiled too!!!! Our little princess…and she knows it. LOL

Amy - September 15, 2010 - 12:14 pm

The Mr. Potato Head store is my favorite at Disney!!! I am obsessed with it. I don’t let the kids help me either. The trick is how many can you stuff in the box without going over- love it. I hate that the box has gotten smaller and smaller on each trip and the price keeps going up! Great job on the blog. You are doing something awesome for Travis and your family!

thelikes - September 15, 2010 - 3:29 pm

Amy- I think the potato head store at Disney is one of my favorites too. I don’t let the kids do it either. They would never get as many pieces as I do in that small box. Yes they did make it smaller too!!! Last October when we went the girls did the My Little Pony boxes. They loved it and that is really a great deal. UGH… I really miss Disney right now. If flights weren’t so much for all FIVE of us, we would so be at the happiest place on earth!!!

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