8 X30 Project Day 59-

Not to much to report here on the homestead. Slowly trying to get things back to normal and catch up from the few days of normal that I missed. Whatever normal is…

Gracie completed her first full day of school today. She did call me from the clinic and complain of her head hurting but she took an advil an ate lunch. I didn’t get a phone call back, which was good. I had a, and still have, a horrible anxiety and worry feeling in my stomach about her. I am very worried about her health and just want her to be healthy.

So tonight after I got the girls to bed I went to work on calendar pages for Travis. They hang a monthly calendar in the wardroom, so all the guys can see. Each of the spouses get to pick a date and create a page for the calendar. I know it is nice for Travis to get these pages and I know the girls like to see them. Normally I let the girls make the pages but we were running out of time with them due in two days.

My organized mess.

Tomorrow is JuJu’s preschool day. She has none stop talked about The Nest since she went last week. That and asking where Travis is everyday.

Something funny… today while I was folding clothes, I found her playing in her room, wearing Harry Potter glasses, and reading books to her stuffed animals. By the time I got my camera she had moved on to something else. To bad too because it was so cute!

I am tired today gusy, can you tell. I have reread over this post about twenty times and I am still sure it is not correct. Sorry in advance if something doesn’t make since.

**Travis we love and miss you.**

Travis Likes - September 14, 2010 - 7:07 am

I love and miss you guys too! Long day today, but no flying for the next few. Thanks for the calendar pages, they are nice to get!

Karen - September 14, 2010 - 11:47 am

Hey, Jenny: Know how you feel. I’m tired too. Not getting any sleep with everything going on. One of those pictures of Molly looks so much like Travis at that age. One day they look like you, the next they look just like him. Love you and thinking about all of you. Karen

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