Florida Vacation

Well it’s been a busy summer and it just wouldn’t be me without the latest update ever…yep our Florida vaca we took at the beginning of June. Well better late then never I always say…

It was a fantastic trip and we were able to see everyone at home, except my sister, but her kidos were sickos. So no can do…

We started our trip in Tampa with Travis Grandparents and mom. I have to admit this is probably one of my most favorite places on the planet to be. There isn’t much better place then being on the water and fishing all day long. That is exactly what the girls did, from the time they woke up till the time we had to drag them off the dock, they were fishing.

While we were there we decided to take a trip to see the famous Winter. For those of you not familiar Winter lost her tail in a crab trap and through some miracle was still able to swim without her tail. There was a movie, of course, made about her and like Disney…the girls love her and had to see her. Winter is pretty neat to watch and she has this little whistle call that she does. I highly recommend this for anyone that is in the Tampa area.

Evenings at the beach houses are spent hanging with the Grandparents and eating yummy food. JuJu just loves her Pop.

Trying to get a family pic with four girls and two grandparents are much harder then one might think!

After we left MiMi and Pops house we headed to Orlando for a short family vacation at SeaWorld. Unfortuneately to get from Tampa to Seaworld you have to pass, you guessed it Disney World. We had about twenty minutes of chanting DISNEY WORLD until the girls realized it’s not gonna happen. 🙂

Seaworld is always a fun trip for us. We have our favs and know by now what to do and not to do. A tropical storm had just gone through and temps were cooler, so it was a much nicer visit with less crowds.

The girls special treat this time was to feed the dolphins. It is really quite inexpensive, especially since they have been begging us to swim with them! This is a much cheaper alternative. They loved it.


Cracks me up how JuJu opens her mouth to feed them.

Then after two days in Orlando it was home to DeLand. While there we stayed with Travis dad and Stepmom. Luckily their house is a comfy place to be because I ended up getting a very bad case of bronchitis. No fun while on vacation for sure. But we did make it to the beach while there. The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach.

After we left DeLand, we were able to meet up with some fabulous friends in Jax and since my sister’s kids were sick they even put us Likes’ up for the night! Couple of brave souls they are! Thanks Jenn and Ken!!! And because my sister’s kids were sick we decided to take a detour and head to Pensacola for a few days. I am so glad we did. There were so many of our old Navy family friends there. It was such a great visit. A room on the beach, great friends, and family. I think we had a fantastic time.

Mande - August 13, 2012 - 12:18 pm

I am still upset the kids got the tummy flu then. I loved looking at the pics, Jen. You need to do it more often!! I love your stories and the pic you choose to go along with them! MORE, MORE,MORE!

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