Glassworks with the Girl Scouts

This past week I was lucky enough to go glassblowing with Molly’s Girls Scout troop. It was something that I have always wanted to do and you couldn’t beat the Groupon price!!!

So when you get there, you would think there would be a safety talk but none!! We got to pick which type of glass product we would like to make. Molly and I picked a flower and Mia picked a heart. The other girls picked things like eggs, gourds, and pumpkins. I tried  to talk them into a margarita glass but they weren’t going for it.

Then it was time to pick out colors. We could pick any two colors and make it swirl or spotted. Molly went with swirl and I went with spotted.

After that we all got to take our turns. They gave us straws to attatch to a hose to blow into. Then the “experts” did all of the shaping. Totally fine with me, that stuff is hot…2220 degrees!

Molly is blowing out the end of her flower to open the glass bulb up.

She is shaping the inside of the flower.

Then she reheats the glass to shape the ends.

By hanging it down it not only stretches the glass but puts a sort of warp on it too.

Then this “genius”, ;), put her stem on it for her.


Me getting a little bored waiting for my turn.

I honestly thought this was the coolest part. I just think it is so cool to make this stuff. That it is a liquid but a solid is a little hard to conceive too! He is making the stem for the gourd.

Mrs. Sue wanted her stem gold so they dip it in tan coloring, mold the stem and then when they heat the glass back up it makes the silver in the glass change the color to a golden color.

Once we were all done, I got to play with my new lensbaby.

Well I am off to Future Problem Solving State Competition with Molly and Gracie tomorrow. I won’t be back till Friday. I am excited to get to spend this time with the girls. Hopefully they will place too!!!

So it has taken me a while to decide where or what to continue on the blog since I am finished with the 8X 30 blog. I have decided to do a straight out of the camera series. Not only will this get me to work harder on my exposure, white balance, and focus, but it is good to see that good pictures come straight from the camera first. The edits only “enhance” them. I won’t be able to do this everyday but several times a week since we are moving soon. I will as always update you guys with out on goings and any sessions that I have too!

Jen H. - April 12, 2011 - 11:15 pm

great pics!!!I did glass blowing in college and seriously, you don’t know a burnt thumb until you accidentally put it on your blow tube while your spinning it in front of the fire, LOL!!!

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