8 X 30 Day 249- Last Entry

Well tomorrow will start a new beginning for us Likes girls. I am up late anxious about the many changes that will occur tomorrow and continue to occur for our family through the next three months. It will be quite the adjustment. I am very excited an apprehensive too. All normal…I am told.

I read an article two nights ago on the Navy.mil page. It stated that the ship has been deployed 299 since January 2010. That is an amazing amount of days. We moved here two years ago March 16th of this year. Travis left immediately for school and then deployed with the USS Regan for training. Since moving here he has been gone 429 days. The longest time he was home for one straight time was three months in 2009. I am ready to start to have my family whole again.

It has been a long ride, as you guys now. Started off rough with Gracie’s migraines and my nervousness on how can I do this by myself. A plate way to full was quickly emptied and with help of others I was able to take on the duties that a Navy wife is required to do. This deployment has been quite a deployment. I have had many sicknesses and even a hospital visit one month and pipes bursting the next. Definitely not your run of the mill, “My washer broke.” moment. It has been quite the roller coaster.

I am glad to have this experience. I have grown so much. I have learned to except myself and to know what I can do and when I just need to say enough is enough. I have gained so much confidence in myself. I have grown as a mom and friend. I have grown as a photographer. I am a stronger person. I am glad to have experienced this journey. To be able to grow and have such self exploration is amazing.

Now I am looking forward to the next step on our journey. I am heading forward with open arms and eyes. I am not afraid of what might happen, because I know I am strong and can handle it. I have so much love and support for me. It makes my heart burst to think of the support I have been given and to think of how much more we will have as a family together over the next few months.

I was going to do a picture review but I think I would like to do that later and I want to take a pic of the girls and show how much they have grown over the last eight months. To review on the things that Travis gave up to be on the USS Abraham Lincoln. It is such a sacrifice, but something that I am extremely proud of him for.

Tomorrow will be such an overwhelming, exciting, and exhausting day. Finally…a whole heart…a whole family…Love.

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