8 X 30 Project Day 243

Got some more pics today from Molly journey on the boat. So let’s get started.

Travis said this is Molly sleeping in as usual. She never sleeps in here, weird.

Molly and the supply ship they were getting fuel from. The USNS Ranier

Molly in the bubble. This is where they shoot the planes from under the deck.

Molly doing her homework as Elvis.

Like I said, we like to teach them to gamble early.

She must be practicing for the circus.

Playing video games with some adult that I don’t know and hasn’t grown up. (Dude you are playing a video game with an 11 year old cough cough) Travis this better not be Halo and if it is you are suppose to destroy all evidence.

Molly’s keychain she got from the Stupid Factory.

Yep this is my man…sigh…

Travis’ last shoot.

Cat Crew

Molly shooting Travis’ boots.

Group shot after the boot shoot. Where is Molly? I would think she should be in the pic!!

Molly comes home late tomorrow night. I am excited to see her!! I miss her very much!!!

More pics of baby Kaitlyn to come soon!

Tim ONeill - March 20, 2011 - 10:18 am

The kilt is a nice touch.

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