8 X 30 Project Day 221

No pics today folks, just not feeling up to it and I have been super busy.

Our day started very early, even though there was a snow day, there was no sleeping in. Molly was lucky enough to get into the Kidney specialist at Children’s early. So our appointment was at 8:10am and with snow on the ground we were leaving early. Luckily the roads were just a little slippery on the way to I-5 and 5 was very dry and clear.

Molly’s stone was made of oxalate and calcium. While stones are becoming more popular in children, this type of stone is not. She is now on a reduced sodium diet, no ketchup means no happy Molly. Also she has to cut out chocolate and nuts too. Lots of little diet stuff for her to follow now. She was also referred out to get an ultrasound and some bloodwork. They did  kidney function test, CBC, Parathyroid, and another blood test on her. The only one back right now is the kidney function and it was normal, this is good. The ultrasound showed some swelling in her kidney and ureter. This could be from the surgery, but they also saw some fragments in the kidney about to move through the ureter too. This is a bit worrisome since she is having back pain again. If her back pain doesn’t clear up by next week they will have to see her again for a CT or ultrasound. Hopefully this won’t effect her visit to HI!

Tomorrow Molly gets into the see the hand specialist too. We will know more then if she will need surgery or not. I am hoping not for her sake. This girl has been through enough. I am really hoping for a new splint since her’s stinks like…I don’t know but it is disguising.

The other girls are okay. JuJu still has her ear infection. But at least tonight she took her meds. She seems to like it better when I mix it with something else. Hey whatever works. I am still sick with this nasty cold! But what can I do. I did rest this afternoon for a few hours. Much needed. Luckily Molly was nice enough to keep an eye on JuJu for me.

This weekend Girl Scout cookies site sales start! I also have Girl Scout cookies in if you ordered them from us or if you are in need of any!!! Let me know.

We are less than a month from Travis coming home now. I am so excited.

OH and I almost forgot!!! I have two sweet adorable newborns this weekend!! I am so excited. I also have a share from Mia to put up too!!!!

Travis - February 24, 2011 - 9:58 pm

Oh, man, I am excited too. I hope everyone gets to feeling better. We are rocking and rolling out here…blech!

Tim ONeill - February 24, 2011 - 10:46 pm

Holy crap Jenny. Start drinking heavily, and share it with the girls 😉 We are looking forward to your next pics, especially the newborns.

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