8 X 30 Project Day 196

So as you might have guessed from my FB post, there will be no pics tonight, but I wanted to give you guys an update on Molly and how she is doing.

She has had a really hard time keeping anything down since we have been home from the ER on Wednesday. Yesterday her vomiting started after lunch, she didn’t really eat much after that but did drink fluids and kept them down. Then this morning she woke me up about 3:30am. She was shaking with pain. Then she got up out of bed and headed for the bathroom. We spent the next three hours there trying to get her comfortable and vomiting too. At about six she told me, it is time to go to the Doctor. She even wanted me to call ahead and let them know we are coming, so they can ready the IV and pain meds.

Of course on the way to Children’s the 520 bridge was closed!!! And of course, because I have never been any other way, I had no clue on which way to go to get there. I was also running out of gas too!! Finally, luckily I have really good sense of direction, I found my way to the hospital and was able to get Molly in.

She was so miserable and threw up the entire way there. Once there, they were so good to Molly. It helped so much to have them remember her from Wednesday and they were able to bring up her chart too. They were very good at starting meds for her, they also took blood and urine from her today. They were checking kidney function and the urine for UTI and blood. Her kidney function is absolutely perfect, this is wonderful. It means the stone isn’t stuck and should move along. However, she did have a lot of white blood cells in her urine, which means that now she has an bladder infection.

They were able to also offer Molly Toradol today. It is like a heavy duty Motrin. It really is helping a lot and should help with any inflammation that the stone is causing too. So after two bags of fluids, morphine, zophran, toradol, and antibiotics, she was given the chance to drink and eat something. The plan was if she couldn’t keep it down then she would be admitted. Luckily she was like a different child and was able to keep down the food and Gatorade. We were discharged at about one and headed home.

It was also a very lucky coincidence that my sitter Sarah was having a sleep over with us. So when I had to leave early in the morning, I already had someone to take the girls for me. So very nice of her to stay and help me out. I think they loved to have her here too.

Another nice thing too is Travis was finally able to get through and talk to the girls last night and also called Molly at the hospital to check up on her. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be so far from your child and know that she is so ill. We also got a nice package today from Travis. It came with the girls favorite candy, two recordable books, and the book that Tamara sent us for Christmas. He filled out every single page for the girls. I can’t wait to read it when I get the chance. 🙂

Well I am outtie…I am very exhausted. I have had 1.5 hours of sleep since yesterday and I need to hit the sack!! Cross your fingers that Molly makes it through the night and we have an uneventful tomorrow.

Thanks so all the well wishers, I really appreciate it.

Karen Kwiatkowski - January 30, 2011 - 12:54 am

I’m really worried about Molly. I wish the stone would pass on through.

Travis - January 30, 2011 - 6:55 am

Poor kid. I feel so bad for her. Try and get some rest, both of you.

Tim ONeill - January 30, 2011 - 8:59 am

We were wondering about no post yesterday, and suspected why. Once the stone gets to the bladder, it will usually pass quickly. The bladder infection is probably due to not enough fluids coming from the kidneys. All that vomiting short circuits the fluid transfer through the body. Hang in there Jenny. Give our love to Molly.

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