8 X 30 Project Day 194- Recovering…sort of

Well yesterday was a really LONG day. It was one of those moments in a mother’s life where she realizes that the mommy sense is really there and she should never deny or ignore it.

Originally, I had plans to head down to Seattle to see my friend Monica for some shopping and macro shooting. We were both going to have little ones with us, so we thought they could play while we played too. While getting ready, I just had this feeling that the school was going to call and someone would be sick. I didn’t know who though. Then the phone rang and I could see on the caller id that it was indeed the school. The nurse told me that Molly had vomited in the bathroom and was extremely pale. I told her I would go to the school and pick her up.

When I got to the school Molly was laying on the bed and curled up in a fetal position. She was not well looking at all. I would say she was a shade of gray. The nurse told me then that she was complaining of her back hurting and suggested that maybe she was going to start her period. So I was able to ask her where she was hurting and how bad and after talking with her and seeing her, I decided that taking her to the doctor would be the best plan of action. She was so sick, that after she took the short walk to the car she vomited again in the parking lot of the school. I went home quickly to get Juju dressed and some snacks for her and then we were out the door.

When I got to Children’s they were great. They came out and got Molly out of the car for me. They took her straight back to a room and started to get to work on her. I could tell the nurse was really concerned and she even said that she looks very sick. I was worried. My chest hurt with anxiety. While they were getting vitals, Molly threw up again. She was so upset. She said that she didn’t have a clue when it was coming, it just would come. After the Dr. examined her and they were able to dip her urine, they found a ton of blood in her urine, they told me that she most likely has a kidney stone. I was like “WHAT?” Seriously, I thought only adults would get it.

They sent her down to the CT for an abdominal scan. I really was shocked at how fast the results were. The Dr. called me out into the hallway to show me her scan and yep, right there on the screen you could see a white dot that was a stone. I felt so bad for her because there really wasn’t anything they could do for her. Just meds and fluids. The Dr. told her that now that she is making it through this she can make it through any pain, even a gun shot. I told him lets hope that never will happen.

I had to wait outside since I had JuJu. It was really hard to do. I took the above pic with my iPhone.

Today Molly is still in a lot of pain. She is actually sitting next to me crying she hurts so bad. I just don’t know what to do for her and feel a little helpless. She was able to eat and keep stuff down today, so that was much better. Let’s hope and pray this thing gets out of her system soon and she can find some relief soon.

The other girls are doing okay. Hunter is still having some tummy issues. She saw the Dr. today for it. More fiber is what they always say. JuJu has an appt tomorrow for ear pain and so does Molly for a follow up. The Dr. did look at Juju’s ears today and said they were pink, so she has a little ear infection, but we are hoping it will get better by tomorrow and she won’t need antibiotics.

That leaves me…I am doing okay…I am holding it together…I am appreciative of all my friends and their supporting words. I had a bit of a pity party last night but I am better today. I took JuJu to the Nest and then came home for an hour nap. Sleep makes a world of difference. Tonight, everything will be better with a little Hagen Daz. 🙂

Travis will be home soon!!!! I am really getting excited. Molly will be going to HI very very soon to meet Travis!

Travis - January 28, 2011 - 12:29 am

Poor Molly. Man, I really wish I could take the pain away. I hope she feels better soon. I wish I could relieve you of some of the stress. You are doing a great job.

lorrin - January 28, 2011 - 8:19 am

oh!! i was crying reading this. i’m so sorry for you and molly. i hope she feels better soon!

leah - January 28, 2011 - 8:41 am

AWWWEEE.. =( I hope it doesn’t take too long to pass it. I have never had one, and hope to never.

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