8 X 30 Project Day 168- So the Year Ends.

This year has been a very long year, with many ups and downs. Luckily Travis was home with us last year. He had just returned a few months before from a 101 day deployment on the USS Regan.

Shortly after the year had started we lost one of our friends to a plane accident. He was a true hero, friend, husband, father, and we will not forget Clint.

Travis took many short trips in and out on the boat. Right before his big deployment we were able to take a trip to Yellowstone and Forks. Both trips great camping fun for the girls. They continue to ask when we can return to Yellowstone. That was a really great trip, up there with our Disney trips. You guys know how I love Disney.

We had lots of injuries this year, but I am guessing with four kids that will continue to happen. Also had our second big surgery with Hunter getting her tonsils and adenoids taken out. The first being Molly’s hernia surgery when she was six, that one was much bigger than Hunter’s though. But everyone continues to be healthy and get better.

After Travis deployed, it was just the girls and I. It still is really. They started school just the day after and JuJu had her first day of preschool. She is getting so big. Molly started in soccer, Gracie continued to ride horses and Hunter still tumbles like a crazy person.

Next week on the 6th will be four months that Travis has been gone. We have about 2 3/4 months left till he will return. It has been a crazy busy four months. Seems like I am constantly running around doing something. With the girls in Girl Scouts and all the extra stuff there just isn’t enough time in the day anymore. I think Molly needs to start driving to help out!

This year Molly turned 11. She is getting very big. She competed in the Future Problem Solvers State Competition with her class, plays in band, and had a good season of soccer.

Gracie turned 9 this year. She had a rough end of the year with her migraines getting out of control. But now with the right meds we have it under control and she is feeling much better. She loves horses and loves to ride. She hopes to become a vet some day.

Hunter turned 7 this year. She is in the third grade and continues to out smart even the smartest. She is the youngest and the smallest in her grade, but that doesn’t stop her from much. Of course being more than a full year younger than the kids sometimes makes her stand out, but I almost think she likes it. She is extremely smart and doesn’t have an issue telling you so. Hunter is quite the tumbler too.

Juliette turned three this year. She has had a really big year with really big first. She is loving preschool and does very well there. She also is a ball of fire and knows that her sisters will give her just about anything that she wants. She is for sure the baby of the family.

This year with Travis gone I decided to really dive into my photography and take some classes. I decided to take some classes with Clickinmoms and what a difference it has made. I also think taking pictures everyday has helped. Really having your camera with you all the time gives you the opportunity to really get to know your gear and how to use it. I have also been able to make some really great friends through Clickinmoms and their workshops. Without some of these friends, it would be hard to make it through this deployment. I have also been blessed to have many photog friends close by that I can frequently visit and get some tips when needed too.

Overall a pretty good year, even though Travis has missed most of it. We were blessed with many visitors and trips to different places. I am excited to get this next year a moving, but I know it will be a huge year for the Likes’ with an upcoming move. There are so many people here that I will miss and hope they can come for a visit to the dust bowl!

Took these really quick tonight of the girls and thought I would share them with you guys. Just real quick edits in Lr.

Gracie got a new hat today. No…I do not have a hat obsession…no I really don’t!

Of course Flat Daddy has to get his party on too!!!!!

Thanks to all that have supported us in our journeys this year. Thanks to all of our friends and family that love us and encourage us to keep the faith. And to those who are no longer with us…we will miss you and remember you.

Happy New Year, Ya’ll!!!

Travis Likes - January 1, 2011 - 12:50 am

Happy New Year! I am glad I could celebrate with you guys!

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