8 X 30 Project Day 137- On Of Those Days

Well today was just one of those days. I think this weather is getting to us, we all over slept this morning, this makes two days in a row! Then after getting ready and already running late, I couldn’t find my military ID. Of course I had an appointment on base too! So after dropping JuJu off and racing to the base, they let me on base with Molly’s ID, I was late to my appointment by two minutes. I am aloud to be five minutes late before they cancel on me, of course I can wait an hour to see the Dr. thought right? After that I ran to PSD, this is a place where you can get ID and pay issues taken care of, among many other things. I was informed that before they could issue me a new ID I would have to provide a power of attorney from Travis and two forms of ID from me, like a passport and ss card. So I left there and rushed back to get JuJu from school, got her lunch, ran inside the house and grabbed everything(I had no idea where the POA was), got gas, and headed back to base for JuJu’s 3 year well baby. Whew…then after her appointment I was finally able to get a new ID and pick up my meds from the pharmacy on base. My day didn’t stop there…had Hunter’s gymnastics, a stop to Costco, and then some groceries from Albertsons. I am D-O-N-E!

I finished up the Christmas cards tonight. I will get the proofs tomorrow and hopefully have them out to you all by next week! I am excited to share it with you guys !

Hunter had to learn a hard life lesson today. When she returned from her gymnastics class, she was really upset. A little girl in her class had made it to the next highest class. Hunter has been really working on trying to make it to the Super Jumpers class. She only have her back something something turnover to complete. But she was so upset about this little girl making it and told me that she thought it was very unfair that she didn’t get to go too. I had to explain to her that while yes she was working very hard towards her goal, that we still need to be a good sport and support our friends on their accomplishments. If anything it should make her want to push herself harder. She wasn’t happy with my explanation, but hopefully she will feel better about it later.

So the big presents are all done now for the girls. They are in the mail and on there way to me now. So I only have few small things to finish up. I hope they like what I got them this year. They are all getting really hard to shop for!

I also ordered another canvas today. I ordered one of JuJu. So now all that is left is one of Gracie. I know which one I want to order, but would sure love it if Groupon would run another Canvas on Demand Groupon! Please!

61/365 Days of Gratitude

I am thankful for these beautiful little people.

Jen H - November 30, 2010 - 10:29 pm

I second groupon needing to run another canvas special! I got one from livingsocial.com a few weeks back. But I need one for nugget. I love those photos…I especially love that two of your girls are wearing my hats, HA! 🙂

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