8 X 30 Project Day 134- Happy Birthday Juliette Emerson Rose

Today was a very very special day. My sweet little baby girl Juliette turned three. I can’t believe that JuJu is three. And what a big year she has had. She stopped nursing in February, got a big girl bed in July and then in August started to wear big girl panties. Sort of silly milestones but big when you are two!

I remember this day well three years ago. Travis and I checked into the hospital about 5:30 to be induced, not by choice, I was 13 days over due and one more day over and I would be facing a C-section and losing my super midwife. By 7 we were all rigged up and ready too go. I had a super doula, Lisa, and a terrific nurse, who also believed in natural child birth. After that things went pretty quickly and by a little after noon sweet little JuJu made her appearance and has been charming us every since.

She had the sweetest little face and although her hair was very short you could tell it would be curly. It was also a beautiful strawberry color. Just what I had asked God for. And although JuJu was the one that Travis and I didn’t plan, someone else had a plan for her and us. I just can’t imagine life without her. She brings us all such joy and happiness. The best part of having JuJu is knowing that we cherish the “littleness” of her so much more.

This morning, always starts the same, JuJu wakes up and crawls into bed with me. I think this is one of my favorite parts of the day, my snuggles with my sweet baby. Now that we are no longer nursing, I don’t get to snuggle as much as I use too and I miss it. But when I reminded her that it was her birthday, she was so so excited. Today was the day that she had been talking about for the last month. She was finally three! (Such a big thing too) After that snuggles were over and she was dancing in the bed. We quickly got dressed and headed out the door to see Tangled. Disney does not disappoint in this movie. If you haven’t seen it, then do. I actually laughed and cried, loved it. BTW, have I mentioned that I love Disney too.

After a few errands we swung by Safeway to get the long awaited cake. She was so excited when I showed her the cake. I love to see her genuine excitement in her face. This is lost when they reach Molly’s age, not to much impresses her, maybe that is just pre teen attitude or something. Even the bakers thought JuJu was cute about the love of her Barbie cake.

Came home and JuJu FINALLY got to drive her brand new Barbie Jeep. She is crazy in this thing and I don’t even want to think about what it will be like to teach all these girls how to drive! YIKES!

Tonight for her birthday dinner, I made her favorite, spaghetti. She had her little friend Alex over and we kept things very low key. I didn’t even decorate this year, but I don’t even think she cared. I did buy her a big princess balloon from Safeway and I honestly think she was so happy with just that. Not that she would know any different anyways too.

After dinner, we had cake and sang Happy Birthday to her. She even sang it to herself too and then blew out the candles. I can’t believe she knows how to do that now. Such a big girl. Alex got her two Barbies and she never put them down. As a matter of fact she is asleep next to me know still holding them. I guess she was serious when she said she wanted some. Yes, I have four girls and no Barbies till now. 🙂

It was a really great day for JuJu and I think a really great birthday. We missed Travis a lot and I am sure he wishes he could have been here to kiss his sweet baby girl too.

So there is only one birthday left in the Likes birthday celebration, mine. I am planning on going out a few days before and do something, still not sure!!!! But at least I will be out and without kids!!!

The birthday girl in her new jeep. This is her new pose for the camera. I am so annoyed by it! But at least she is looking at me!

This pic cracks me up. She is trying to run me over.

The Barbie cake that Juju waited forever for.

Time to blow out the candles.

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday Dear JuJu Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Time to eat. Yes, she had the whole little cake to herself. (it was only 4 inches)


Super day…

59/365 Days of Gratitude

On Clickinmoms they are having a seven days of thanks challenge. I had forgot about it till last night. Luckily for me they extended the due date and I was able to get something in.

1. I am thankful for PJ Day. I love my comfy pants.

2. I am thankful for new hats. I am a hat hoarder.

3. I am thankful for the anticipation of snow and snow days. It is always so exciting to see the snow fall and wait to see how much there will be.

4. I am thankful for great packages from my husband. He sent me this fabulous fabric from his port call to Malaysia.

5. I am thankful for sisterly love. All four of my girls will be each others best friends(hopefully they won’t kill each other before then) and I have one of the best sisters too!

6. I am thankful for laughter that reminds me to laugh too.

7. I am thankful for little buddies to make us feel better.

Travis Likes - November 28, 2010 - 3:44 am

Another great entry. Happy birthday to my baby girl. I hope she enjoys the Barbie Jeep.

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