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SOOC 2- Straight Out Of the Camera

I know right…two in a row…who would have thought. Once again Gracie wins the spotlight today. 🙂 How can she not with eyes like this. This is straight from the camera. I shot it in RAW, imported it into Lr, and then converted it to a Jpeg. There has been no sharpening, editing, or anything […]

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SOOC- Straight Out of the Camera- 1

So I decided after my 8 X 30 Project was over that I needed another project to keep me shooting. I decided to do a SOOC project. Not only will this benefit me in my basic of basic skills, it will challenge me to get it correct in the camera first and not depend on […]

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Look at how big she is

It isn’t inspirational or artistic, but it is baby girl growing up. She doesn’t look at me anymore for pics. I get this sideways stare and goofy smile. Today I was lucky…I got a smile.

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