Monthly Archives: February 2011

8 X 30 Project Day 218- Picture Day

Today I had to finish up my final assignment for my workshop that I am in. It has been an interesting workshop and nothing like I have been in before. I think I would have liked it a bit more if there would have been more cc from the instructor. Like I got none so […]

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8 X 30 Project Day 217

Yesterday was a very long day, so there was no post. But there is good news, Gracie doesn’t have a fracture. She is still in a wrist splint, but only for three weeks or as long as it continues to hurt her. Molly’s ortho is next Friday since her fracture is more serious and might […]

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8 X 30 Project Day 215

WOW and WOW today has been a very busy day and tomorrow will continue to be a busy day too. Molly will finally make it to her PT appointment early in the morning. She was scheduled to go when she got admitted to the hospital. It is for her ankle that “pops” out. Totally weird. […]

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