Monthly Archives: January 2011

8 X 30 Project Day 192- First Cavity

Wow just when I think I can’t get any more busier, I can. Today was no exception. I got the girls off to school and on time. I am so glad that they are getting to school on time. It only takes my alarm clock, Molly’s phone alarm, and my phone alarm to get me […]

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8 X 30 Project Day 191

So today was really a chill sort of day. I didn’t get to go to lunch, which was really disappointing since I wanted to get lunch with a friend. Hunter was not feeling well. She will be returning to school tomorrow though. I am proud of Gracie for trying to go to school though. The […]

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8 X 30 Project Day 190- Mom’s Day Out

Today was a super terrific day. I finally had a mom’s day out with a great friend. I honestly think that this is what the girls needed too. Not only is it healthy for them but healthy for me. I had a wonderful lunch at Purple and then a pedicure. My feet feel wonderful and […]

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