Monthly Archives: November 2010

8 X 30 Project Day 137- On Of Those Days

Well today was just one of those days. I think this weather is getting to us, we all over slept this morning, this makes two days in a row! Then after getting ready and already running late, I couldn’t find my military ID. Of course I had an appointment on base too! So after dropping […]

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8 X 30 Project Day 136- Another Busy Day

Today was another busy day or at least it seemed that way. I am really sick of going to the Dr. with the girls, but I guess tis the season to be sick. Poor Hunter is having tummy troubles. I hope she feels better soon! I also think the girls are getting sick of leftovers. […]

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8 X 30 Day 135- Christmas Pics

Today I had planned on heading down to Kerry Park to get some pics of the girls for our Christmas card. This is the latest I have ever waited to do this, so the pressure is on. Kerry Park is popular because of it’s scenic view of the city and Space Needle. When I got […]

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