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8 X 30 Project Day 76-Sniff Sniff

Sniff Sniff is currently what I am doing. I have the girls back to school crud! I am so glad they wanted to share, for once, and it was with me. 🙂 So I did decide to go ahead with the web pics for my assignments. I wanted to do Molly’s soccer pics for my […]

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8 X 30 Project Day 75- Spiders and Support

Too funny look at my title and I didn’t even realize that they both really work together. A spider can’t have enough support with out all it’s webs spread out from branch to branch or place to place right? So to be honest, if I would have written this earlier, I probably would have come […]

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8 X 30 Project Day 74- Today was a good day!

So today was really a great day. I was super busy with my schedule but everything went on without a hitch. The girls got up in the morning with no problems, showered, ate breakfast, and had time to spare. Then it was off to Preschool for JuJu, a vet appointment for Charlie the dumbest Quaker […]

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