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8 X 30 Project Day 238

I was really hoping to post last night but I felt so bad, I just went to bed. Then today I slept on the couch till about 3.30 in the afternoon. I even let Gracie order pizza for lunch. I am ready for this sickness to leave and finally have my voice back too. UGH! […]

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8 X 30 Project Day 236- And She’s Off

Well I tell you…the Likes don’t like to do anything without drama! This morning, very early Molly was suppose to fly out to HI to meet Travis to do her Tiger Cruise with him over the next week. Of course we have heard of the devastation in Japan from the earthquakes and tsunamis, it is […]

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8 X 30 Day 234

Well we are with 48 hours of Molly leaving for her trip to meet Travis in HI. She is very excited and like a mama I am worried about her being okay on the flight. She has a little bit of a cold, so I am just worried about her ears. Yesterday was a huge […]

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