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8 X 30 Day 249- Last Entry

Well tomorrow will start a new beginning for us Likes girls. I am up late anxious about the many changes that will occur tomorrow and continue to occur for our family through the next three months. It will be quite the adjustment. I am very excited an apprehensive too. All normal…I am told. I read […]

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8 X 30 Project Day 247

Okay so wow I have been crazy busy with editing and trying to get ready for Travis to come home! We are at about 36 hours and counting right now. I am getting pretty excited and I think the girls are too! Molly got home Saturday night very late and JuJu was so happy to […]

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8 X 30 Project Day 243

Got some more pics today from Molly journey on the boat. So let’s get started. Travis said this is Molly sleeping in as usual. She never sleeps in here, weird. Molly and the supply ship they were getting fuel from. The USNS Ranier Molly in the bubble. This is where they shoot the planes from […]

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