Shooting 301- Finding Your Style Week 4

I had no time this week to shoot, probably one of my most frustrating things about this class, I just never had time for myself. Time for me to do what I wanted to do…shoot.

FIVB US Men’s Olympic Volleyball

This weekend, while Mia was visiting, I took the girls to Dallas for a girls trip. We were able to see the Men’s Olympic Volleyball team play in pool play for the Olympics. What an exciting time we had!! The volleyball was out of this world and the girls got to meet most of their players and even some of their families. Molly even snuck into the National Boys Volleyball Championships to check out the boys…I mean volleyball. 🙂

We had fantastic seats and I was able to get some pretty great shots.

This is France playing Korea, neither made it to the Olympics. But the France team is very funny to watch.

This is Italy serving. They eventually go on to beat out the US Men’s team in the Oylmpics during the Semi Finals.

Molly’s favorite, Middle Blocker Lee. When he fake hits he growls at the person on the other side of the net. She loves it.

Shooting 301- Finding Your Style Week 3

This week in Shooting 301 was a bit of a continuation of week two. We continued on with our daily shooting and with more peer portfolio reviews.  This group of ladies are fantastic and very talented. I am very lucky to be in their company.

Daily Shooting: